Gorean Living discussion group rules and guidelines

By posting to the Gorean Living forums or groups, you agree that you have read this entire page, understand and agree to abide by the rules contained on this page.
Failure to follow the rules will result in moderator action. Generally, one warning is given and then the member is placed on moderated status for a period time. Excessive incidents will result in loss of posting privileges, removal from the board, or, in extreme cases, being banned from the board.

The Rules

The Gorean Living User Forums and groups are for discussion of living as Goreans in real life, OFFLINE. This means that, often, "mundane" talk of daily life are not off topic. This is Earth, not Gor, which can make for some interesting challenges for those of us trying to live as Goreans. That's what this list is for.

This forum is for discussion of bringing the philosophies found in John Norman's Gor series into real life and living what is often referred to as a Gorean Lifestyle. ALL are welcome here and there is NO requirement to "choose your station" before you post as on many boards.
You will be assumed to be free by default unless you claim or are known to be otherwise.
That said, if you do choose to identify as a Gorean slave, you will be expected to behave accordingly. Please see the rules for Kajiri for details on what this means.
Additionally, if you are a slave in REAL LIFE, that is what you will be held to here. There is no, "I'm collared in RL, but online, I'm a panther/FW/whatever" crap tolerated here. What you RP is your business. Gorean Living is for real people, living their real lives, so leave your character in the RP realms.

Post in the appropriate forum section for what you are posting. If there isn't a section that seems right, put it in the section that seems closest to the right one and message me to ask about it.. I am very open to suggestions and am glad to add more sections as the boards grow and take shape.

Asking for or offering illegal copies of the books in ANY form will result in being banned from this group and all associated chat rooms and forums in addition to being reported to your ISP! This is your only warning! Do not do it!

NO flaming or personal attacks of any kind. Period. This means addressing the POST, and NOT the POSTER. This also applies to airing "dirty laundry" or other personal business, including the posting of any other individual's personal or contact information. If you have a personal issue with someone, take it to private email (or don't, as you like, but keep it off the list!).
This rule is completely non negotiable.

All degrees of involvement are respected here, whether you are curious, just like the ritual and protocol, or are serious about being Gorean, but do expect to back up any claims you make, and don't be surprised if you're told that your sexy kajira slave poses that you found all over the internet are not Gorean, and neither is your Gorean flavoured BDSM.
This isn't a "One twue way" group. It IS a Gorean group though, populated, largely, by Goreans - people who have read the books many times over, have put great thought and effort into understanding and living by the philosophies, tenets, and ideals therein, and who tend to set the bar high. We don't all see eye to eye on everything, and everyone is certainly welcome to their own interpretation of *what* (not who) is or isn't Gorean and discussion on that is encouraged, but please remember to address the ideas, not the people presenting the ideas, when doing so.

Some discussion of online/RP *as it pertains to real life/transitioning/etc.* will be tolerated. Please do, however, try and keep the discussion related to being Gorean/adhering to Gorean principles in REAL LIFE, as that is the topic.

Do not post chat logs, IM logs, private email or posts from other lists(other than your own, as for crossposting a topic for discussion) to the Yahoo group.
Chat logs, with identifying information (usernames, phone numbers, etc) may be posted to the RTS section of the forums as long as they conform to the additional rules for that section.
*Logs of scheduled GL chats are also an exception and will be posted to the group by GL staff.

Do not use the member lists for this group or the forums to compile lists for mass mailings of ANY kind! *Anyone found doing this will be immediately and permanently banned.

No one has to ask to "speak", type in 3rd person, or use capital or lowercase letters to denote status on this list.

Do not T/type L/like T/this A/as I/it I/is V/very A/annoying A/and H/hard T/to R/read !/!, or use made up online "Gorean" languages on this list. It's not Gorean. At all.

Personal ads are NOT allowed here, NOR IS TROLLING!! This is a discussion list, not a slave (or master) market. If you are joining Gorean forums (other than the Gorean Personals, perhaps) to find a relationship (slave, master, FC, etc), then you miss the point of Goreanism completely. You are highly encouraged to stay and learn!
If you post a message which consists, mainly, of, "How do I find a master/kajira/etc", it will be rejected or deleted.

A word about trolling: This is defined as sending uninvited, personal messages, on or off list, to other list members in an attempt to "pick them up". This applies to free and slave (or would-be slave) alike.
If someone from this list sends you an unwanted "trolling" type email please forward it with the headers intact to Gorean_Living-owner (at) yahoogroups (dot) com (without the spaces and putting the @ sign and . in the appropriate places, of course) and we will take appropriate action.

Give everyone in the forum the respect any human deserves.

While is is not necessary for the free to be exceptionally polite to slaves, unwarranted rudeness, harassment or abuse of slaves (or anyone, for that matter) is prohibited.

No one is EVER required to give out their personal information (real name, location, phone number, email, IM, etc.) and all are strongly advised to avoid doing so. Anyone who attempts to force another member, slave or free, to give out personal information, will be immediately and permanently banned!

Non-Goreans are welcome here, but anti-Gorean statements are not. If you don't like Goreans, stay out of Gorean forums. Simple enough.

Debate is welcome as long as it remains polite and civil.

Do not use this forum to "online scene" or role play (that includes "Karta" or any other posting of your "entrance" or "serving"). If you want to RP, there are tons or forums for that where you'll have more fun! The best way to serve the free in an online venue is to be respectful, deferential, helpful and courteous, not pretending to "bring" them imaginary food or beverages and such.

While it is acceptable (if you must) to be on this list with more than one profile or for more than one user to post from the same profile, it MUST be made clear who is actually posting. This forum will not be used as a platform for deceit. Anyone found trying to play the list owners and members by pretending to be different people will be permanently moderated and possibly banned!
(If you are re-joining the group under a new name and have legitimate cause for not disclosing your former identity on the list, send an email to the list owner and explain the situation. These situations will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.)

Kajirus (male slaves) are welcome here and will be held to the same standards as kajirae.

If you identify as a slave, servant or submissive, Gorean or not, the additional guidelines, requests and suggestions (a little further down) are to be treated as rules.

Enjoy your stay. (Okay..So that's not really a rule..You can hate it if you like)

Additional Information & Guidelines

It is recommended that if you are serious about learning about Gorean philosophy, you obtain and read the books. All of them.

Used copies are available through this website, as well as eBay, Half.com, Amazon and, often, used book shops.

The entire series has also been revised and new copies are available in print or electronic formats through the Chronicles of Gor website, Amazon, and most other major book sellers.

(Remember...Asking for or offering illegal copies of the books in ANY form will result in being banned from this board and associated chat rooms and forums in addition to being reported to your ISP!)

Some Suggestions Regarding Posting

Post an introduction before making any other posts. Include your name, general location, degree of knowledge about things Gorean and what interested you in joining this group. This helps people to "get to know you".

Begin each post with an appropriate form of greeting.

Sign each post .. if not with a "sign off", then at least with your name so people know what to call you.

Take the time to check your posts for proper spelling, punctuation and grammar. If you aren't good at these things yourself, consider typing your post out in Word or a similar program with grammar/spell check before posting it.(Being unfamiliar with the English language is understandable and some allowances are made for that)

If, in the course of discussion or debate, someone asks you specific questions, answer them clearly and directly. This goes a long way toward understanding one another and fosters productive conversation.

If what someone says doesn't make sense to you, ask for clarification before assuming anything.

State facts as facts and opinions as opinions.


Although the generally accepted Gorean protocol is not required of non-Gorean slaves on this board, it would be wise to remember that your words, tone and manner of address will be noted by the free and will affect how you are viewed by many. If you aren't sure what is appropriate, PLEASE ASK! This is a place for learning in a safe environment and others will surely be happy to answer your questions. You are encouraged to also read the rules for Kajiri to gain a better understanding of how slaves and submissives may be more pleasing to the free.

**If you are claiming to be kajira or kajirus, you will act like it or face disciplinary action!**
Please see the rules for Kajiri for details on what this means.

All new members are moderated by default. In the forums, you will automatically be un-moderated after you have had two posts approved. To be taken off moderated status in the Yahoo group, members must send an email to the list owner or moderators (you can simply reply to your welcome email or use the email found on the group's home page) stating that they have read this page and agree to abide by the rules AND post at least two on-topic posts to the list.
This is to help prevent spammers and trouble makers from disrupting the list and cluttering your email.
If you have followed these directions and are still on moderated status, please send an email to the listowner. Sometimes things do get overlooked.

And, as stated in most of the other Gor related forums, the rules are the rules. If you can't or won't abide by them, find a different forum.

This page will continue to be updated as new issues are identified. Please check back regularly.
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