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Writing Submission Form

To submit your writing to Gorean Living, please fill out the form below.
Please include any HTML formatting tags, if applicable. If you are not familiar with HTML tags, BBC codes may be used, or special instructions, including preferred colours, fonts, etc.

Please note that sumission does not guarantee inclusion on the Gorean Living website. All approved submissions remain the sole intellectual property of the author. Gorean Living is granted a non exclusive, royalty free right to publish any and all submitted works, with credit given to author/copyright holder, until such time as consent is revoked in writing by author/copyright holder.
Submissions must be your own work or that of your property. For legal reasons, any requests for removal made by the author of any content will be honoured, regardless of the author's status, unless proof can be provided that another party holds the copyright to said content.
(In other words, if your slave does not want his/her work published on Gorean Living, that will be a personal matter between owner and slave and the content will be removed.)

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