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Slaves Protecting the Free

October 1, 2006

As slaves, part of our "job" is often to look after the best interests of our owners. To that end, there seems to be a good deal of confusion as to what "rights" that gives us.

I totally understand the desire to protect the free as part of looking out for their best interests, but we must always remain VERY careful that we don't overstep that into the realm of circumventing their wishes. Certainly, it is good to say, "Master, I think that is a very bad idea because...", and them let the man make his own decision, but when we choose to act against the wishes of the free, even if our intentions are good, we are, in effect, sending the message that we will make a decision for a free person "for their own good" if we feel they are making a poor decision. Then who is running the show? Part of being free is the freedom to make one's own mistakes and learn from them. We slaves don't have that right. Some of our owners may give us that *privilege*, but it can be taken away on a moment's notice.

Master has a button that my chain sister got him that says, "From now on we're f**king things up MY WAY!" It's funny, but also an important reminder for me. Cause I often (usually) want to manipulate things so that we do them a "better" way if I think Master is making a big mistake, but the bottom line is that HE is in charge ... and if he decides how things will be, even if he's wrong (provided it won't actually HARM his property.. then rule # 1 covers it) then that's how it will be.

It sucks sometimes, especially when someone we care about ends up getting hurt, but they chose their freedom just as surely as we chose slavery. Each comes with its responsibilities and pitfalls. The question was raised recently on a discussion board, if we see a master standing in the path of an oncoming (something dangerous) whether it would be out of bounds for a slave to push him out of the way without his permission.

The answer is yes. That would be out of bounds. You don't know his motivation. He may know exactly what he is doing. Maybe he is about to get rid of the danger and you pushing him out of the way ends up getting you both hurt or killed because you interfered with his carefully devised plan. Masters often don't share their plans and/or motives with slaves.

Of course, often it happens that we may see something that the other (free) person doesn't. Then it is not only appropriate, but our responsibility to *offer* that information. The key word is *offer*

The very nature of an offer is that it is something that is available for someone *if they want it*. Once you take away someone's choice in whether they accept it or not, it is no longer an offer. We are slaves. We have NO business removing choice from the free! We are the ones who are choiceless and rightless, not they.

It has also been pointed out that since many slaves were their master's friend first, that should remain the most important thing or that being someone's friend gives one the "right" to do your best to protect them.

It doesn't. Once we become slaves, whether we were friends first or lovers or husband and wife or free companions (like Master and me), we no longer have ANY rights. None. Everything we are granted is a privilege that can be taken away at the whim of our owner.

These have been hard lessons for me and I truly understand where those who disagree and cry out "but we are human/friends/partners/etc first!" as the reasoning for what they do. And absolutely, I believe that there are times when it IS better to fail as a slave than as a human/friend/mother/daughter/etc, but we MUST understand fully that we ARE choosing failure as a slave when we do so! We can't have it both ways, as much as we would sometimes like to!

Either we are slave, with no rights and only the permissions granted us or we are free and retain our rights.

That means that if you simply could not stand to let your master do something really stupid that could get him hurt or killed without stepping in and stopping him, you had better talk about that before the collar goes on and see if he will give you blanket permission to do so.

Or if you are already a parent and believe (as I do) that the final say regarding children should ALWAYS be with the parent, you better make sure BEFORE the collar goes on that you master is going to have a rule of putting the kids first (as any parent should!) and not want to be in charge of your children as well.

Or if you have convictions (religious or otherwise) that mean there are some things you absolutely will not do, period, again, you better make sure the person you beg a collar from won't command you to go against those.

Otherwise, you are left with the only choice left to you once you have become a slave.. the choice to obey or fail as a slave. It really boils down to that simple thing... Obey or fail.

Slavery, especially Gorean slavery, is an extreme path. In most ways it is an all or nothing proposition. If you find these truths to be unpalatable or unacceptable, it may be time to reevaluate your desire for slavery.

Khaos WolfKat 2006


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