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October 1, 2006

Lately, I have heard or read a lot about how slaves should check to see if another slave is collared to or interested in a particular free man before serving him, so as to avoid stepping on another slave's toes.
This has been discussed both with regard to cyber interaction and interaction in real life.

The thing I have to ask is WHY should a slave be more concerned about pleasing another slave than pleasing the free?

It's actually pretty common at Gorean gatherings (I'm talking real life here) for girls to be petted or sit in the laps for a while of other masters besides their own.. Much like at the dog park everyone pets all the other dogs and stuff. It is also rather common for girls to serve free people other than their owners in other ways, dependent on the rules of those who own them, of course. Realistically, we (slaves) don't have any business getting upset because our masters or masters we are interested in are also paying attention to other girls in whatever capacity. It is their right as free men and our place as slaves to be pleasing.
Jealousy is a luxury of the free. It isn't permitted (at least outwardly) to slaves.

Something that I have learned to do when the green eyed monster wants to rear its head is step back and look at it another way... When another girl is sitting at Master's feet or snuggled up with him.. or passionately kissing him or more.. Yes, sometimes I do feel some jealousy.. But the thing that I try to remember is that he is being pleased.. and that should be my primary focus.
So I will look at the fact that he is happy and try to be grateful to the girl for helping me to keep him happy. And I have also discovered that making FRIENDS with the other girls makes them a lot more likely to be sensitive to my feelings as well, and they will be right there at my side if I'm feeling a little neglected or unwanted to remind me that *I* am the one who shares his bed and his home, and to tell me about how he looks at me or talks about me. To tell me how obvious it is that he loves me..
If I had automatically classified these other girls as competition or "the enemy" I would have sold myself short in the friend department AND displeased Master! how sad that would have been!

One last thing to remember...
We don't have a *right* to serve our masters or any free in anything, let alone all things.
It is a privilege.
A privilege that can be taken away just as surely as it is given, should we show ourselves unable to remember our place.

Many a jealous girl has found herself sleeping on the kitchen floor and scrubbing pots while her more pleasing and less jealous sister enjoys her master's bed and arms *instead* of, rather than in addition to her.

We slaves would do well to keep these things in mind always!

Khaos WolfKat 2006


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