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Just What is "slave heat" Anyway?


My Master and I engage in BDSM activities. If you are of the "You can't be Gorean and do BDSM" mindset, you may wish to stop reading now.
There are "pain for pleasure" sensations that I very much enjoy receiving and don't find unpleasant in any way. Those don't confuse me in the least. They feel good; I enjoy the high; End of story.

But then, there are the things that Master loves to do to me that I truly dislike, fear, or find otherwise difficult to endure (not to be confused with punishment!)
How is it that my Master can inflict tortures upon me that I find no pleasure in at all, yet find myself confronted with the proof on his fingertips of my arousal? When I am crying out, "No!" and begging him in earnest to stop; when I feel certain in that moment that I am being subject to unbearable cruelty, alternately screaming with pain or futile rage and crying in defeat, how in the world can my loins so betray me!?
I have been told by others that I "really enjoy it" and just can't admit it. I would be more inclined to believe this if not for the fact that I readily admit finding certain forms of pain, some of which are classified by most as quite intense, enjoyable. So I really feel that is not the answer
No… I think the truth of the matter lies more with the relief and satisfaction I feel when he turns my face to his, wipes my tears away and lets me know I have pleased him.
Is this what it means to "feel the fire in my slave belly"? To burn with desire to please my Master? I believe it to be so.
I think "slave heat" is the result of a girl's hunger to serve and be pleasing overriding all else.
I don't claim to understand it, but only understand that it is so.

© Khaos WolfKat 2003


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