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There's that reset button again!
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Author:  KhaosWolfKat [ 26 Oct 2019, 10:04 ]
Post subject:  There's that reset button again!

From CS Mail, meaning that all manner of punctuation and parts of words that the mail system even thinks might be posting a url is edited out, so a lot of the funky formatting, missing parts of words, and lack of punctuation is due to that.

Yet another repeat offender douchenugget who doesn't bother to check to see if he's sent messages to someone before.
His username started with "Master", which is almost ALWAYS a guarantee that they are not. I'll leave his self-appointed title intact with a changed name, cause I am so benevolent.

(My commentary like this)
Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Male Dominant
[2 large states South of me, but still not far enough]
[mid 30s]

Recent Message History:
MasterDoucheNugget on **3/10/18** at 1:25 PM:
You're gorgeous! Can I text you or do you have KIK/Skype?

KhaosWolfKat on 3/10/18 at 1:48 PM:
Thank you. I don't give out my phone number or skype to strangers. I prefer to communicate via the messaging system here until I get to know someone and we both determine whether we wish to move to another platform.

(A little over a year and seven months later...)

MasterDoucheNugget on **10/18/19** at 10:23 AM:
Youre gorgeous Can I text you or do you have K 1 K?

KhaosWolfKat on 10/18/19 at 2:43 PM:
Well, I dont know, Sir
What does my profile say about that?

(Hint: It's very clear, moron.)

KhaosWolfKat on 10/18/19 at 3:19 PM:
Oh wow And now I just realised there is a message history, and you sent me the EXACT same message almost two years ago, to which I replied
You ignored said reply, just like you ignored my reply this time
Perhaps you only bother pretending to have manners if you get the answer you want?
Thats a fail, dudebro
One should always learn to master oneself and basic social etiquette before claiming to be a master

(I suppose I'll be hearing from him again in another year or two)

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