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He meets my minimum requirements
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Author:  KhaosWolfKat [ 11 Apr 2019, 09:50 ]
Post subject:  He meets my minimum requirements

From FetLife

This mental giant thought this was a good opener.

(My commentary like this)


Hi Khaos--

We're different but I meet your minimum req's so hey--thought I'd write--bet you get a lot of msgs; I'm in Boston but Seattleite and out in WA few x/year, including next wk into Sept...I go to Cent for Sex Pos. Cult. some but am not a kinkster (understand I'd be switch if so, as I am in less exact ways with my wife [in terms of being introverted, passive...then sometimes more active, have grown more outgoing over the years]; I'm usually busy with family and such when in WA but thought I"d give a msg in case you might want some newness in your life...this or subsequent trip of mine...

Ok, hope all's good with you==
very best,
: )
<real name>
(pardon profile--maybe it was hacked...? can I blame it on that..?) : )

Assuming he's referring to the fact that his profile is full of typos, incomplete sentences and meanderings - WAY worse than the above message. No. You can't blame it on that.

I never bothered to reply to this one. Just not worth the effort!

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