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Memory of a Goldfish
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Author:  KhaosWolfKat [ 05 Apr 2019, 11:25 ]
Post subject:  Memory of a Goldfish

From IRC

This brainiac apparently has the memory of a goldfish, seeing as how he kept barking up the same, wrong tree, repeatedly.

(My commentary like this)

Commentary = stuff I added for you, the readers, rather than part of the original message exchange.

Session Start: Fri Oct 19 08:27:08 2018

[20:27.08] <Goldfish> you were mulitasking?

[20:27.26] <Subversive`Khaos> Yes Sir.

[20:27.31] <Goldfish> how was it

[20:27.44] <Subversive`Khaos> I'm not sure I understand the question.

[20:27.54] <Goldfish> like did you manege ok?

[20:28.18] <Subversive`Khaos> I suppose so.

[20:28.22] <Goldfish> good!

[20:28.25] <Goldfish> you dont mind if we talk do yoiu?

[20:29.10] <Subversive`Khaos> Well, I suppose if I did, it would be too late, Sir.

[20:29.16] * Goldfish smiles

[20:29.17] <Goldfish> true

[20:29.27] * Goldfish checks you out

[20:30.20] <Goldfish> you dond mind do you?

[20:31.15] <Subversive`Khaos> As long as you don't try to engage me in cyber/RP.

[20:31.25] <Goldfish> ok fair

[20:31.30] <Goldfish> ccan we talk about sex then?

[20:32.15] <Subversive`Khaos> It depends. Are you looking for actual, intellectual discussion or wank fodder?

[20:32.28] <Goldfish> what do you mean by wank fodder?

[20:33.59] <Subversive`Khaos> I'll ask a different question.. What is it you hope to get out of conversing with me?

[20:34.12] <Goldfish> not to be bored lol

[20:34.40] <Subversive`Khaos> OK. Fair enough.

[20:35.00] <Goldfish> i mean i was probably just gonna ask what you enjoy in sex

[20:35.03] <Goldfish> that kind of stuff

[20:35.16] <Goldfish> iuf that dont interest you ill leasve you be

[20:35.53] <Subversive`Khaos> For what purpose

[20:35.54] <Subversive`Khaos> ?

[20:36.04] <Goldfish> boredom/curiou

[20:36.06] <Goldfish> curious

[20:36.17] <Goldfish> if you asking am i gonna jerk off

[20:36.21] <Goldfish> anwser is no

[20:36.55] <Subversive`Khaos> I'm not really into discussing my sex life with complete strangers for theri entertainment.

[20:36.59] <Subversive`Khaos> their*

[20:37.01] <Goldfish> thats fine

[20:37.04] <Goldfish> just thought id ask

[20:37.07] <Goldfish> have a good day:)

[20:37.16] <Subversive`Khaos> Sure. You too. Good luck.

[20:37.18] <Goldfish> ty

[20:58.05] ***QUIT*** Goldfish

(A few days later... At the time, I hadn't realised it was the same person, cause I get so many of these. I didn't notice until the last one, when I went to grab the log for posting)

Session Start: Thu Oct 25 08:59:49 2018

[20:59.49] <Goldfish> on a side note since tonight ive been just exploring around adn stuff

[21:00.04] <Goldfish> you interested in playing at all or talking sex stuff ?

[21:00.11] <KhaosWolfKat> No, thank you.

[21:00.14] <Goldfish> i mean this in the most non offeensive way

[21:00.20] <Goldfish> ok cool:)

[21:00.23] <Goldfish> just thought id ask

[21:00.25] <Goldfish> ill see you tomorrow?

[21:00.28] <KhaosWolfKat> If you whois me, you can find my profile.

(Said profile is VERY clear about this shit! With bullet points, even.)

[21:00.32] <KhaosWolfKat> Sure thing.

[21:00.33] <Goldfish> ok!

[21:00.38] <KhaosWolfKat> I wish you well. :)

[21:00.49] <Goldfish> and you:)

[21:06.37] * You are now known as AfKhaos

(And then the one I initially decided to post, before seeing those prior two, also from him.)

Session Start: Tue Nov 06 10:31:57 2018

[22:31.57] <Goldfish> hey

[22:32.08] <Subversive`Khaos> Good eve, Sir.

[22:32.46] <Goldfish> how are you:)

[22:33.02] <Subversive`Khaos> Tired.

[22:33.07] <Goldfish> same

[22:33.14] <Goldfish> i like your disription :P

[22:33.23] <Subversive`Khaos> Thank you, Sir.

[22:33.29] <Goldfish> not a sub i like it

[22:33.35] <Goldfish> bet youre amazing in bed still

[22:34.22] <Goldfish> red heads always are:P

[22:34.33] <Goldfish> and youre geeky even better!

[22:34.50] <Subversive`Khaos> LOL

[22:34.59] <Goldfish> lol sorry if that was too much?

[22:36.37] <Subversive`Khaos> Eh.

[22:36.43] <Goldfish> was it?

[22:37.20] <Subversive`Khaos> I prefer discussion that isn't fixated on my sexual habits.

[22:37.29] <Goldfish> ahok no sex

[22:37.37] <Subversive`Khaos> At least with virtual strangers.

[22:37.54] <Goldfish> not even tlaking about it?

[22:40.21] <Subversive`Khaos> I don't mind intelligent conversation on sexual topics. I'm just not into providing wank fodder or the 2,634,000th conversation about what I like sexually.

[22:40.34] <Goldfish> fair enough

[22:40.41] <Goldfish> what sex topic woudl you like to talk about?

[22:40.55] <Subversive`Khaos> I've got a pretty detailed list of my kinks and stuff I like linked from my profile, if people really wish to know.

[22:41.37] <Goldfish> what are your kinks?

[22:43.01] <Subversive`Khaos> Like I said, I've got a whole list

[22:43.08] <Goldfish> how do i see the profile?

[22:43.31] <Subversive`Khaos> (link to profile)

[22:43.44] <Subversive`Khaos> There's a link in my whois too

[22:43.58] <Subversive`Khaos> Like it says on my description in the room ;)

[22:44.11] <Goldfish> oh isee it

[22:44.14] <Goldfish> lets check it out;p

[22:44.46] <Subversive`Khaos> Lots of info and plenty of stuff to expand on/talk about :)

[22:45.44] <Goldfish> i like that you oick the main to submit too

[22:45.46] <Goldfish> its interesting

[22:46.06] <Subversive`Khaos> That I what?

[22:46.15] <Goldfish> thaty ou pick the men to submit too

[22:46.22] <Subversive`Khaos> Ahh.

[22:46.36] <Goldfish> its cool

[22:46.39] <Subversive`Khaos> My typoese translator failed on that one! ;)

[22:46.48] <Goldfish> haha sorry

[22:47.17] <Subversive`Khaos> Eh. It's late.

[22:47.23] <Goldfish> yes it is

[22:47.55] <Goldfish> i need sleep soon

[22:48.32] <Subversive`Khaos> I needed sleep an hour ago.

[22:48.38] <Goldfish> go to bed

[22:48.43] <Subversive`Khaos> 0600 is gonna suck.

[22:48.45] <Subversive`Khaos> Can't yet.

[22:48.49] <Goldfish> damn

[22:48.53] <Goldfish> you pretty cute btw;p

[22:52.42] ***QUIT*** Goldfish (IP) Quit (Read error)

(I don't know if he finally figured it out or just got disconnected.)

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