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Lessons & Assignments

These lessons and assignments are all designed to improve you in some way. Some are more directly related to improving your service than others, but I can guarantee that ALL of them will improve your service, at least indirectly, because a healthy and happy slave is a more pleasing slave!

Many of the assignments instruct you to post them as a journal entry. This is because the initial assignments that were posted here were for my own slaves, and this is how I chose to have him them in assignments. This is still a good idea, but obviously, you will want to follow your owner's wishes regarding this.

If you are not owned or being mentored or trained by someone, you can still do these assignments, and if you would like to submit them for feedback and inclusion on this site, they can be posted here.

More assignments will be added over time, so continue to check back, or subscribe to be notified of changes at the bottom of the page.

Now, here is the list of assignments:

[Personal Growth]   [Etiquette & Protocol]   [Positions & Commands]  

Personal Growth

Daily Check-In - This helps you get used to being in touch with how you are feeling each day, as well as the practise of daily assignments/tasks, in general.

Essay - The Importance of Keeping a Journal - No explanation needed.

The "Stupid" Assignment - Geared toward helping you choose more positive words to describe yourself (and others).

The Heinz Dilemma - This assignment is designed to help you discover and clarify your own ethical and/or moral ideals, and can tell you a lot about yourself.

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Slave Etiquette & Protocol

(These links redirect to posts on the Gorean Living User Forums. Anyone may read posts here, but you must be a registered user to make or reply to posts)

General Information ~ Lesson #1 ~ Basic Etiquette - This is a reading assignment, containing a very basic introduction and overview of the condition of slavery.

General Information ~ Lesson #2 ~ Speaking as a slave - This is a reading assignment, containing some helpful hints on how to use your words and tone to convey your understanding of your station.

General Information ~ Lesson#3 ~ Mirror Assignment - These exercises will help you feel and internalise the condition of slavery.

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Slave Positions & Commands

A list of applicable quotes, with thumbnail links to each of the following position lessons can be found here.

Basic positions Lesson #1 ~ Nadu

Basic Positions Lesson #2 ~ Obeisance

Basic Positions Lesson #3 ~ Tower

Basic Positions Lesson #4 ~ Lesha

Basic Positions Lesson #5 ~ Whipping Position

Basic Positions Lesson #6 ~ Bracelets

Basic Positions Lesson #7 ~ Bara

Basic Positions Lesson #8 ~ Sula

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