Khaos' Schedule

This is a general schedule, subject to specific appointment, work (volunteer or paid), and other scheduled event times.
Weekend morning/waking schedule has an hour leeway time other than shift times.

0500 - Morning mix, simulated sunrise, gradual start waking.

0545 - First alarm - Wake up.

0600 - GTFU alarm - Out of bed, make bed, clean/fill CPAP, bathroom, wound care, wash face & hands, brush teeth, moisturise, swish & swipe.

0630 - Test blood sugar, take morning insulin and meds, drink water, start coffee if not auto-brewed.

0645 - Coffee, check calendar & chore/task lists, read daily reflection/meditation & important parts of newspaper, chat check in if time.

0715 - Make breakfast, prep for lunch, load/unload dishwasher, clean kitchen sink, wipe down stove & counters.

0745 - Eat breakfast and GMM/reading time.

0755-1130 - Wednesdays - DJ Prep & 2 hour Show.

0845 - Work, business calls, day plan, journal, paperwork, paid surveys, bills, dad bills and other stuff, etc.

0855-1330 - Saturdays - DJ Prep & 3 hour Show.

1000 - 10 minute Meditation

1030 - Chores (Tend/water gardens, Zone, Specific day tasks)

1200-1300 (except Wed & Sat) - Zoom AA Meeting.

1300 - Test blood sugar, take insulin, eat lunch and reading or video time.

1330 (except Tue) - Clean up lunch dishes/mess and finish cleaning kitchen, then free time if time left.

1330-1430 Tuesdays - Sponsee Book/Step work.

1410 (except Tue) - Productive time (unfinished chores, work, assignments, meditation, service, volunteering, exercise, errands, self improvement, etc.)

1440 - 10 minute Meditation

1455-2030 Tuesdays - DJ Prep & 4 hour Show.

1600 - Free time (if on schedule, chores/tasks/assignments done, not in trouble and nothing else scheduled).

1700 - Make supper and food prep for next day. Clean as I go. (early or late on Thursdays)

1800 - Test blood sugar, take insulin, eat supper and screen time or reading. (early or late on Thursdays)

1900 - Vitamins, melatonin, feed dog.

1915 - Take dog out, clean up supper dishes, shower/wash up, wound care.

1930/45 - Free time (if on schedule, chores/tasks/assignments done, not in trouble and nothing else scheduled).

2100 - Shut down chat, text, Netflix, etc. Wind down time. Test blood sugar, take night insulin & meds, make sure sink is empty, start dishwasher if full, set up coffee, fill water bottles, get ready for bed, evening meditation.

2200 - Lights out, mask on, bedtime mix, no apps other than meditation, Kindle, and relaxation/mind calming games to assist in falling asleep.