Khaos' Rules

(Owl - Owner 2003, July 19 to 2010, March 1)

Last Updated 2009, September 09

Please note that this set of rules is from when I was owned, as in, a slave. As such, much of this would not be appropriate, other than, perhaps, in private with dom/mentor/boss/Sir/[... D-type].

Khaos has a new schedule and some new rules/old rules that are being fully enforced now, per Owl. Ladies Donna and Diana have full authority at any time to check to ensure the schedule, rules & tasks are being adhered to properly, correct, discipline or punish as needed and to authorize other household members to do so at their discretion.
All previous rules still apply, even if not noted here.

• Proper respect will be shown to the free at all times.

• Khaos will obey commands/requests made by free unless they counter Master's rules or interfere with her other duties.

• Khaos will comport herself in a manner befitting a slave and which reflects well on her master & his household, as well as the household in which she is temporarily residing, and said household's members.

• Khaos will make and keep all medical/MH appointments recommended by her health care team and follow all recommendations by same.

• Khaos will obtain permission before going out socially (except with immediate family members) until Master decides otherwise.

• Khaos must eat at least one meal per day away from the desk and without multitasking (ie: computer, games, work, coding, studying, crafts, etc). Reading for leisure during meal is acceptable.

• Rules and schedule will be posted in a prominent location in the house.

• Khaos will keep a daily accounting of her activities, testing, food intake and any weigh ins, with time, date & other relevant info, which must be shown/sent upon request by any free person or their proxy.

• Khaos will check in with Master and report on her progress every day.

•The schedule is primitive now, but the goal is to eventually have a complete daily schedule with all time accounted for.

• At present, Khaos is permitted 2 hours of free time per day. All other time is to be spent in productive pursuits, such as: business related work/research, volunteering, meditation, exercise, personal care/hygiene, service, studying, classes/workshops, appointments, social obligations, or any activities geared toward self improvement or being useful.

• Free time might be increased based on behavior and how well the schedule with 2 hours per day is working.

• What exists of the schedule so far follows.

0900 - Get up, test and record blood sugar, have coffee & breakfast. Record food, drink & condiments. Note time finished to calculate testing 2-3 hours later.

1000 - Walk. Distance started at exactly way around the block and back the other direction on 09-09-09. Distance to increase each day by one city lot (house number) until walking all the way around block in each direction, at which time, Master will revisit the plan.

• Other meal times are flexible, but should be not more than 5 hours apart unless a healthy snack is eaten between mealtimes.

• Additional schedule specifics will be added over time as decreed by Master or proxy.


• Lose 2 lbs per week until healthy weight is obtained.

• Increase walking ability to a normal, healthy level.

• Bring blood glucose levels to normal.

• Bring blood pressure down to a healthy level.

• Get up by 7am each morning and adjust morning routine accordingly.

• Go to bed at a consistent, reasonable time each evening.

• Have a regular schedule with all time accounted for and a proper time for everything.

Forbidden Words/Phrases:

• Technically (or other words being used deliberately as a substitute - ie: actually, precisely, 'in point of fact', etc)

• Why? (in response to any command or rule)

• No (to Master or proxy)

• Any/all profanity

• But

• I was just...

• Fair (as in, "That isn't fair")

• Master & Ladies Donna & Diana will have full access to view & add tasks to Khaos' calendar, online @ .