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Some things that I have learned recently


1.) A slave is something I either am or am not. While I may, at my Master's wish, dominate him or others, all is done in service to him. I can not vacillate between slave and free.

2.) Punishment helps me to accept my position and carry out my duties with grace and sincerity; The harsher the punishment, the more peace and grace is attained afterwards.

3.) Limits, "hard" or otherwise, are an attempted substitute for trust, for which there is no substitute.

4.) As such, limits have no place in a contract if there is trust.

5.) It is not for me to question - at least not until after the fact; and then only to better understand and only if the one questioned wishes to give explanation. "Why?" is NEVER an acceptable answer to a request or order!

6.) From slavery is born a quiet strength that the free can never truly know.

7.) In slavery is found a freedom more complete than the free will ever experience.

8.) I am beautiful, and by my slavery I am made more beautiful.

9.) Fear can only be useful if one has options.

10.) With facing the inevitable and accepting one's destiny, comes unsurpassable serenity.

11.) Everything, everyone, every element, every facet of this universe is mastered by, and therefore subject to someone or something greater , and all have the capacity at the very least to master themselves and in that, all of creation is both Master and slave.

12.) My slavery to another is, in itself, a path to mastery of self.

Khaos WolfKat 2003


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